Factory Software reinvent itself: A Modern Data Analytics

After 20 years from its birth, celebrated last year, Factory Software changes its look, starting from the Brand and the website.
Over the years, we have always be faithful to our roots: project advisors in data analysis field and strongly result-oriented.
We have always considered ourselves “useful” when we can bring Value and knowledge to those, in the company, who have to take decisions and lead the business.
With a well-defined project roadmap, our goal is to analyse the amount of data produced by companies and transform it, into a series of well-organized and useful information.

In order to ensure high performance and technological projects, we have always adapted to the market, proving to be flexible and openminded to the ecosystem to which we are related.

It was our birth flexibility and our interest in new technology trends, which led Franco Perduca and Sara Bozzo, the founders, to choose ‘BiFactory’ as the official brand for factory Software.

We identify ourselves in ‘Factory Software’, which emphasize our productive vocation and soul; production of those values that have always distinguished us.

We are going through a period characterized by a continuous and rapid changes; therefore, we reinvent ourselves, starting from our offer, our solutions, expertise and our contents. Finally, we have decided to define our brand in ‘BiFactory’, which better pinpoint what we would provide to our Stakeholders.

BiFactory better reflects our working mood: Bi means Business Intelligence, but also Be Innovative.

We define Bifactory as an ‘experience’ because it represents, from one hand an Innovative ‘Factory’, smart; On the other hand, a provider of a ‘wellness’ because we approach our activity in a new way, passionate and focused on people. People, for us, are the starting point for each activity.
We have also renovated our website, on its image and their contents. From an operative point of view, we have adapted our solution to the market, trying to satisfy market needs. https://www.bifactory.it/en/solutions/.

Our focus is on items such as Data Presentation and Data Virtualization, but also on process quality and expected results, always a distinctive element of the company.

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